Stage 2 Drought Contingency Plan Implementation Notice

In line with the Board’s priority to continue maximal efforts in providing you with safe, clean, and adequate water delivery, MUD 49 must implement Stage 2 of our Drought Contingency Plan effective August 27, 2023. This action is required because the City of Houston has implemented its Drought Contingency Plan, and the City serves as a source of water for MUD 49.  MUD 49 is required to adopt the same or stricter stage as the City. The MUD 49 Drought Contingency Plan calls for Stage Two mandatory water conservation measures when the significant drop in annual rainfall and higher-than-normal daily temperatures lead to continued stress on the water system. The Stage 2 drought response calls for MANDATORY water conservation efforts to reduce water use.

Any person who violates this Plan may be subject to a penalty of $10,000. Each day that one or more of the provisions in this Plan is violated shall constitute a separate offense. If a person violates this Plan more than one time, the Board shall, upon due notice to the customer, be authorized to discontinue water service to the premises where such violations occur. In addition to disconnection, the Board may impose a penalty of $10,000 for each violation of the Plan.  Services discontinued under such circumstances shall be restored only upon payment of all re­connection charges and any other costs incurred by MUD 49 in discontinuing and re-connecting service. In addition, suitable assurance must be given to MUD 49 that the same action will not be repeated while the Plan is in effect. Compliance with this plan may also be sought through court action.

The MUD 49 Board will continue to provide updates as new developments occur, including the lifting of the stage 2 drought plan or the advancement to more restrictive levels. We appreciate your patience and thank you in advance for your collaboration.


Under threat of penalty for violation, the following water use restrictions shall apply to all persons:

  1. All outdoor water usage, including, but not limited to, lawn and garden watering, car washing, and window washing shall be limited to even-numbered days for Customers with even-numbered addresses, and odd-numbered days for water Customers with odd-numbered addresses, and outdoor water use shall be prohibited between the hours of 6:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. and between the hours of 6:00 p.m. and 12:00 a.m. (midnight).


The following uses of water are defined as non-essential, and MUD 49 recommends that their use be curtailed:

  1. wash down of any sidewalks, walkways, driveways, parking lots, tennis courts, or other hard-surfaced areas;
  2. use of water to wash down buildings or structures for purposes other than immediate fire protection;
  3. use of water for dust control;
  4. flushing gutters or permitting water to run or accumulate in any gutter or street;
  5. filling of swimming pools or jacuzzi-type pools; and
  6. failure to repair a controllable leak(s) within a reasonable period after having been given notice directing the repair of such leak(s).

For additional water-saving tips please visit Houston Public Work’s Water Conservation webpage at

If you have additional questions not addressed in this notice, please contact the MUD 49 Board of Directors by visiting our “Contact Us” tab at

Thanks Again,

Harris County MUD 49 Board of Directors